Guess what? We have a practical side too! And it’s also made of wood! Great-looking and functional, who woodn't love extra, anywhere, anytime seating, serving and work space? Check this out: Poof! A spot to set out tailgate snacks. Presto chango! A Thanksgiving kids’ table. "Accio puzzle table!" Yup, these seriously convenient knockdown desks store and transport flat, then assemble tool-free in minutes, almost like magic. And speaking of kids, have a ball tracking your little sprouts' growth on our giant, customizable Height Board. Because kids? They do grow like magic, and time flies.

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About Belknap Hill

In a world of electronics, plastic toys and composite furniture, Belknap Hill Trading Post™ is a little bit old school and a whole lot of fun. We make great-looking, durable yard toys, outdoor party games, workshop furniture, and knockdown desks and tables that assemble faster than you can say, “I don't have time for that.” And we not only make them well, we make them affordable.

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