Play Belknap Hill Tic-Tac-Toe right on your coffee table this snowy winter
Posted 01/19/2018 by Denise Cripps


For outdoor-fun fans, winter feels like the neighborhood bully just grabbed his Giant Yard Dice and stomped home. Harsh.

If you’re suffering through January with a case of Cornhole Curtailment, Giant Yard Dice Deficiency, Word Tussle Want, Towering Timbers Deprivation, No-Tic-Tac-Toe Woe or Domino Depletion, take heart. Winter doesn’t mean all the fun has to end in a humiliating display of semi-public bereavement.

We've gotchu.

Play your giant games INSIDE!

WTH?! Yep, you heard me. It’s easier than you think to push the coffee table out of the way. Play Dominoes, Giant Yard Dice and Word Tussle in the middle of your living room.

Or leave the coffee table right where it is for Tic-Tac-Toe, or protect it with a spare mattress pad and turn it into Towering Timbers Central for the evening.

Have a long hallway? Set up Cornhole! The doorways are the perfect spot to lean while spectating, and those nightstands in the hall bedrooms make the perfect place to set drinks and snacks. Just move the lamps onto the floor if you need more room. #nobiggie #customcornholeisevenbetter

Still missing your backyard?

Then get out there! Because believe it or not, there’s a 24/7 party hoppin’ outdoors all winter long. All you need to do invite it onto your deck.

You know all those birds and squirrels you see the whole rest of the year? They’re still there, and they’d appreciate your help surviving the winter. After feasting on insects, berries and your garden in the warm months, they’re now looking for reliable food sources in the snow and below-freezing temps.

So this your chance to do a good deed and enjoy some wintertime entertainment right outside your window.

Simply set up a bird feeder in a spot that’s out of the wind but easily seen from inside. The east or southeast side of your house is usually ideal, but if that’s not possible, put your feeder in a protected area near a few trees or a row of bushes.

Birds are happy with any affordable wild birdseed, but don’t limit yourself. Squirrels and their silly antics will add to the fun of your backyard spectacle too, so toss dried corn, stale bread, crackers — even inexpensive dry cat food — onto the snow to attract furry friends.

Wanna make them something special? Gather some pinecones or collect your stale baked goods, slather with peanut butter or your mashed overripe bananas, then sprinkle with birdseed, cornmeal or oatmeal. Hang pinecones by a piece of yarn (just like in elementary school) or tear the baked goods into beak- and bite-size pieces and offer your treats to the beasts.

Also, since finding open drinking water is a struggle for winter wildlife too, consider a heated birdbath, or simply place a small water heater inside a regular one to keep a source of unfrozen water available.

Just remember one thing: If you decide to start feeding, the animals will quickly begin to rely on you. So if you forget or lose interest, they don’t have a Plan B. If you do decide to make a season-long commitment to keeping your feeder full, you’ll have so much fun watching and learning about the creatures that share your favorite place. Your backyard.

Lastly, as good and kind as you'll feel, please don’t strain your arm patting yourself on the back. You'd hate to ruin your indoor Cornhole game.