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Posted 10/26/2017 by Denise Cripps

We’re celebrating our blogosphere debut with a special three-part series promising the TOP easy-as-1-2-3 tips for off-the-hook tailgates. Join us! And never miss a minute of the fun and games!

Fall means football, but for diehard outdoor-party enthusiasts, tailgating is a year-round obsession. The fun and solidarity of supporting our teams can be transported to concerts, festivals — virtually any special event is a reason to tailgate!

Good news! Four-ace tailgates require only a few must-dos — but the magic is in the preparation.

No worries. We’ve gotchu. Simply follow our three we-make-this-stupid-easy guidelines and your tailgates will soon be legendary! 

Must #1: A Go-To Tailgate Gang (aka, your crazy, quirky, silly squad of screwballs)  

Gathering a crew of cohorts — all decked out in attire and attitude — is hands down most important for ultimate tailgating. So make sure your hardcore team is on hand and ready to turn the tailgate dial to “Over-The-Top.”

These are your buds and besties, so if you plan on hanging with them well into the main event, consider bringing things that’ll keep them going strong long after the tailgate has ended:

  • Coolers with plenty of nonalcoholic options (alongside the alcoholic ones…), lots of ice and extra bottle openers for when your best one walks off.
  • A portable tent or some form of sun relief for the friends who’ve overlooked the cooler’s nonalcoholic options and are making worse-than-their-normally-bad choices.
  • Sunscreen to share. For the friends mentioned above.
  • Extra camp chairs. Yup, same friends.
  • A small first aid kit. Sigh … see above….
  • Extra fuel for the grill. Yeah, cuz now you’ve got to sober these people back up....
  • Separate cooking utensils for cooked vs. uncooked foods (Even though, by now, you may think they deserve E.coli, no one does. No one.)

 What are your best tips for taking care of Team Tailgate? Let us know in the comments below. And thanks!

Stay tuned for Must #2 next week! In the meantime, check out the rest of Belknap Hill to see all our tailgate favorites!