Belknap Hill giant Dominoes are a great addition to any tailgate party! Find lots of fun domino games to play at
Posted 11/01/2017 by Denise Cripps

If you caught Part 1, you know that taking good care of your buds and besties at your tailgate will pay dividends in fun-factor buy-in.

Beyond a little babying then — but only a half notch less important — is giving Team Tailgate something fun toooo doooo, soooo…

Must #2: Bring BIG games!

Have mega-fun, mega-huge outdoor games, will travel. Yup, straight to your tailgate.

While Cornhole remains the undisputed favorite, newcomers include four classics-made-bigger (and WAY more awesome!) and one made smaller for easy grab-and-go.

In the bigger-is-better column:

In the less-is-more column:

Belknap Hill's most popular giant tailgate games!

Need a refresher on the basic how-tos of gameplay? Find rules, plus a ton more-ways-to-play instructions for all your soon-to-be favorites.


Crazy for customization? All our giant games can be painted, stained and decorated with flare that screams your weirdo super-fandom to the world.

Or, if it's professionally customized Cornhole boards you’re jonesin’ for, we’ll create your dream, one-of-a-kind set — anyway you’d like it!


What are your crew’s favorite tailgate games? Share in the comments below, then keep your eyes peeled for Must #3, headed your way soon!


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