Belknap Hill Trading Post Games Wrapped for the Holidays
Posted 12/13/2017 by Denise Cripps

Dear Santa,
Great news! I’ve been SUPER good this year!

Pretty much.

Ok, fine. Let’s call it mostly.

But you’ve been watching, so you must think I’ve been good enough to get what I want most, most, MOST for Christmas?


Seriously Santa, have you seen these?! They look ridiculously fun!

And I promise I’ll leave the best cookies out for you this year instead of just the ones Mrs. Jones makes that no one likes.

If it’s a deal then, Santa, ANY of these would be AWESOME!
Or all of them. Your call, Big Man.


  • Cornhole
    At the risk of pushing my luck right off the bat, Santa, actually a custom Cornhole set with a couple of my epic pics of Minnie (our Yorkipoo) dressed up in Star Wars costumes would be EVEN BETTER! Can I Dropbox you my favs? You pick!


  • Take-And-Play Cornhole
    Throwing this smaller-sized option out there too, Santa. In case the full-size boards don’t fit that great in the trunk of your sleigh. LOL! And this size can be customized too. Just sayin’…. And extra bags? Cuz you know I'm a State AND Chicago fan!


  • Towering Timbers
    I know it might scare Minnie when the 3-foot tower gets WAY taller and comes crashing down (the best part!), but I could put her in her thunder vest, play it only on the carpet or outside, and make sure the tower only falls toward my little sister.


  • Giant Yard Dice
    So I found all these really fun dice games on Belknap Hill’s site! Me and my friends have been playing them with regular teeny dice, but when we took them outside, we lost three in the grass I was supposed to mow. So I really need the giant ones, Santa. And if you threw in a pail for rolling them, that’d be even jollier!


  • Word Tussle
    C'mon Santa, you can’t say no to educational games, can you?! I think that’s a rule. You should probably look it up. And Belknap’s site has lots of games to play with Word Tussle too! I could even help my little sister learn her letters! And since the tiles are smooth, she won’t get slivers when she gets hit with one … accidentally. (Stuff happens, Santa.)


  • Giant Dominoes
    To tell the truth, I don’t actually know how to play dominoes yet. But my grandpa said he’ll teach me. Plus, I really want to set up HUGE domino runs and upload the videos to my YouTube channel. (I think those would get even more likes than Star Wars Minnie!)


  • Tic-Tac-Toe
    Santa! This game comes with wooden stakes and ropes for setting it up in the yard! AND for fighting vampires! AND for tying up your sister! (Just kidding. I NEVER do that … anymore.)


Ok, Santa, that’s it, my whole list. And even if I wasn’t good enough to get all these games, if I did, I’d have so many fun things to play with outside this year, I’d be the best boy I’ve ever been! Promise.

Yours truly,

P.S. Oops! One more thing. I think my little sister would go CRAZY for one of these GIANT wooden rulers you hang on the wall to keep track of how tall you’re getting. So even if that means I get one less thing, could you bring one of those too, Santa? For her?

P.P.S. Say hi to Mrs. Claus and all the elves and reindeer for me! And thanks again! You’re the best!